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Inventory & Odds Controlled Marketing Games.
For Web, Mobile, Retail, Social & More

Our Virtual Prize Wheels run from your website, mobile phone or tablets, Facebook, Point of Purchase Counter or Trade Show Booth.  Load the Wheel with your choice of coupons or prizes, then set the quantities of each for an odds controlled game.

Gamification is the use of game design techniques to engage audiences and motivate behaviors.

Have an idea for a game? Need something custom? That’s our specialty!

Incentive Prize Wheel Marketing is a powerful method of driving business.  Our clients range from a few Fortune 500 companies to many small businesses of various types.

What we can do for You


Virtual Branded Marketing Games

You set the prizes, you set the odds. Our Virtual Prize Wheels are very versatile and capable of 1000’s of promotions. Please contact us for a Virtual Prize Wheel to suit your instant win promotion.

  • Brand engagement boosts the relationship between the brand and the consumer.
  • Collect names and email addresses of players for lead generation.
  • Increase CTR’s, direct mail or any promotional response rates.
  • Use this Instant Win tool to generate leads and re-market via email or SMS.
  • Increase traffic into your physical location with the chance to win a prize.
  • May be used for an eCommerce store using same or unique coupon codes in every email.
  • Promote new services and or products

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

It's all about Options!

We're not new at this and have all types of variations and options no matter what the promotion is!

Here's a few Options

Full Service Branding
Set player usage Rules
Offer up to five prize levels
Full Screen Display for Events
Custom Game Development

You are in Control 24/7

The control panel allows you to run a serious campaign. Many controls are in place to maximize your success.

Master Control Panel Includes

Login to your account for game setup with inventory management, custom emails and Play Rules to keep things tight.

Key Features

This is a feature rich application with many controls. Call us at 1-877-530-4499 about your requirements.

To name a few

Set the odds and control inventory
Collect contact data
Optionally send a branded email to all players
Self managed or managed promotions

Web / Mobile

For all devices and platforms

Run a game from anywhere

HTML5 for all devices
Responsive and runs in all web browsers

No need to download

Events and Trade Shows

People love the thrill of winning

Be the buzz

Custom designed to run full screen from your computer or tablets.

Pre-show and event opportunity incentives


Give us a call to talk about your concept.

We make things happen

We have created many custom games for companies large and small.

Call us at 877-530-4499

We Make Your Promotion Easier, Just Call Us!

Beautiful User Interface

col_image_31Our application is feature rich! We have listened to our clients and many were originally suggested by clients. We are always in a constant state of developing new features to improve functionality to offer the very best experience to both Front and Back-end users.

If you need some special functionality, just let us know.

  • SSL Encryption and account security
  • 24/7 Acount Management
  • Start and Stop Calendars
  • Immediately email players redemption instructions
  • Play Rules: Block by repeated email address, IP address, number of plays per X and more!
  • Settings for your Outgoing Email Server
  • View, Download and Search all player data
  • Queued multiple games

Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at eye candy, check out ours.

Who Are We

We are the Original

There was once a day in time where a Virtual Prize Wheel didn’t exsist. We took this as our challenge and passionately created the foundation from which all others will fall short. Its been about eight years since then and we still find new concepts to build upon.

Mystic Net Marketing, Inc. is one of the leading digital marketing specialists, delivering creative interactive solutions at the intersection of marketing and new technology. We work with corporate clients as well as their advertising agencies to produce sophisticated promotions, and offer instant win promotions. Our work off-line is sometimes more interesting, delivering higher advertising response rates with engaging and motivating programs to engage the customers online.

In business since the beginning of the modern internet in 1995. We have been delivering internet marketing, design, infrastructure and success.

Our interests in the near future is to continue engaging, motivating and bringing value to both our customers and theirs.

Skills We Use

Passion 95%
User Interface 89%
App Design 97%
JavaScript 90%

Get In Touch With Us

Now that you are familiar with our interactive marketing games, contact us at 877-530-4499, or email David Harkins at for additional questions or to get started.

We encourage you to call and talk with us about your promotion. Every promotion is unique and with so many possibilities we will need to learn more about how you would like to use our marketing game platform in order to quote your pricing.

Note: Pricing is based on many factors. We will need to know about your game, anticipated play volume, length or promotion, will the game send players an email after the play, features, design modifications, and if you will need Flash, Mobile or both. When being used on a web site we generally use Flash for players with old web browsers. If mobile is important we design a mobile version and setup detection and redirection for all players to have a great experience with your brand. We work closely with you to launch the promotion you will have the most success with.

Call us now at 877-530-4499. (East Coast)

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