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Now that you are familiar with our interactive marketing games, contact us at 1-877-530-4499, or email David Harkins at for additional questions or to get started.

We encourage you to call and talk with us about your promotion. Every promotion is unique and with so many possibilities we will need to learn more about how you would like to use our marketing game platform in order to quote your pricing.

Note: Pricing is based on many factors. We will need to know about your game, anticipated play volume, length or promotion, will the game send players an email after the play, features, design modifications, and if you will need Flash, Mobile or both. When being used on a web site we generally use Flash for players with old web browsers. If mobile is important we design a mobile version and setup detection and redirection for all players to have a great experience with your brand. We work closely with you to launch the promotion you will have the most success with.

Call us now at 877-530-4499. (East Coast)

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