General Questions:

Q) How many times can someone play?
A) The system can log the player’s IP address so they may only play once per game period per IP address. Plus it will only take the email address once per game period. It is possible for them to change their IP address but they will have to use an alternative email address to play again.

Q) What are the probabilities of winning?
A) That depends on your prize inventory. How many prizes you offer within each prize level and what you estimate the to total amount of estimated players. You set how many of each prize level and you set the maximum amount of players per game period.

Q) How many prizes or coupons can I have?
A) That will depend on the account setup. It’s completely up to you but there is a cost to using the gaming server and emailing systems resources.

Q) How will I know what people have won and who they are?
A) You will log into the secure administrative area and export the Excel file that records the players name, email address prize, IP address and the date and time that they played.

Q) Can I run two games at once?
A) Yes and No. You are initially purchasing a single license to operate one game at a time. You may restart the game as often as you would like. To run multiple games you will need multiple licenses.

Q) Is is possible to collect Zip Code or other information?
A) Yes. We can customize the fields in the program to be: Name, Zip Code, Email address and three other custom fields. We can optionally also integrate surveys or web forms to collect additional information.

Q) Can the games and colors be customized?
A) Yes. The marketing games are very versatile. The core technology is in place. Building a custom application is generally possible. Call for more information. We can also create a custom skin to represent your companies branding for a nominal fee.

Q) What web browsers do people need to play the virtual marketing games?
A) The newer mbile based games run in every modern web browser. The marketing game will perform best with Internet Explorer 11, FireFox, Mozilla based browsers, and Safari (for Mac users)  For mobile and tablets we currently offer the Virtual Prize Wheel & Scratch Off games only.  This is offered as an option. We currently Flash for websites and setup detection and redirection for mobile which offers the best user expierience.

Q) What version of Flash do people need to play the wheel game?
A) All Flash contents will work with Flash Player 10 and above.

Q) Can people access the Prize Wheel using a dial-up connection?
A) This site has been created to function on a Broadband connection. A 56K dial-up connection will work. We have also heard of clients tethering a mobile connection.

Q) What is SaaS?
A) This means Software as a Service.  There are many reasons why this is SaaS. Primarily the reason is for security and special server requirements that all web hosting accounts do not have. Another large benefit is we can easily upgrade the software should a security issue or upgrade be needed. Set up fees are based on which version and options are needed.

Q) Can this be translated into other languages?
A) Yes. It is currently available in Hungarian. The may be some limitations. Contact us for details. If you wish to have it translated, please translate the text on this page and send it back to us
Barcodes & Unique Identifiers:

Q) Why would I choose to use the barcodes or unique identifiers?
A) Using barcodes and/or unique identifiers helps keep control over the usage. Once a barcode or unique identifier is used it gets taken out of the system so it can not be used again.

Q) What is a barcode?
A) It’s simply a number that has a symbolic graphic, barcode

Q) How do I create barcodes and/or Unique Identifiers?
A) Most Point of Sale programs will have a system to export Coupon Codes. This is ideal for any business that does not want to allow “Copies”. If your point of sales system doesn’t offer that we will direct you to some websites that can generate random numbers.
Kiosk, Swipe, Touch & Auto-Print:

Q) What is a kiosk?
A) A kiosk is a free standing computer within a cabinet. It could simply be an computer with a nice monitor on a counter top with internet connection, or a high-end cabinet purchased from a kiosk dealer.

Q) If I have the game on my website, can it also be used on the kiosk?
A) Yes, you would be using the same exact game that is on your website. All the data would go in the same database.

Q) Why would a kiosk be practical?
A) Using a kiosk in your location gets people to use it while they are there instead of just at home. They could win a prize and use it right away, or to enhance frequent purchasing offer them a little something on their next visit.

Q) How would the swipe cards be used?
A) Swipe cards can be used as a rewards collector. Your customer gets so many point they get a chance to spin the wheel. If you have kiosk they can swipe it themselves. It could also be used for different kinds of clubs. For example, a Birthday Club. The customer comes in on their birthday and gets a chance to swipe their card.

Q) How is the touch screen monitor useful?
A) The touch screen monitor is useful because it saves space. You don’t have to clutter up your counter space with a keyboard and mouse.

Q) What kind of printer do I need to set up the Auto-Print?
A) We can advice you based on how you are setting up your kiosk

Spin Only:

Q) Why would I opt to purchase the Spin Only version?
A) The Spin Only version is great for in-store promotions t the point of sale.
Administrative Side:

Q) How to I attain a user name and password?
A) We will email you the initial user name and pass word. #We encourage you to reset them upon logging in.

Q) After I get signed in what do I do to get the game going?
A) Click “Game Options” from the menu. This will bring you to the page where you enter in your gift details. First, decide on how many people you believe will play in your designated game period. Then, decide how many prizes of each you want to give away. Enter in a small description of that prize (20 charters or less). Then in the box is what will show up in the email. Type a more in depth description of the prize and any other details that might be important to that prize. (I.E. date of expiration) After you have entered in all the prizes, click “Save and Start New Game”.

Q) What do I do if I only want to give away three prizes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd?
A) Simple, just uncheck the boxes next to the prizes you don’t need.

Q) How do I get the emails from the people that have played my game?
A) Click “Export” from the menu. This brings you to a page that will show you the list of names and email addresses. Click on either “Export to Email” or “Download”. Either way, it will pop up as an excel sheet.

Q) What would I used import for?
A) The import section is used mainly for the bar coding version of the Winning Prize Wheel©. You would import a list of barcodes that work with your POS.

Q) What happens if I restart the game on accident?

A) That would be unfortunate, however all the player data can be found under the Exports Tab, then click on Manage Exports.

Q) When I make changes on something inside the admin side, are those changes automatically update or does it take some time to update?
A) All changes are automatically updated as soon as you hit the save button.

Q) Can I change prize in the middle of a game?
A) Yes. You may change the contents of the email. We have done everything possible to enable only legitimate and legal promotions. When you change the prizes you also need to update your Official Rules page.

Q) After the game is done and I restart another game, do I lose all those emails from the past game(s)?
A) No, when you are in “Export” there’s two tabs, one reads “current” and the other reads “manage exports”. When you start a new game and want to see that last games emails, just click on the “manage exports” tab and they will all be there with the date that it was saved on.

Q) Once I have the game started, can I go back and change the probability or change the amounts of prizes that I’m giving away?
A) Yes, once the game is started you can change the quantity and the prize name.  You must fully understand how this works. Be sure to ask about it.

Q) What’s the point of “Logging IP Addresses”?
A) If you have the “Logging IP Addresses” checked, it will only allow people to come in from that IP address once. If they try to play again, then it will tell them that they have already played. If you have the checkbox unchecked, then people can play as many times as they want.

Q) What is the reply email address of the email that the player receives?
A) It is: